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About SkinCare Center

We have been providing quality for 15 years.

With its expert team, skincare center has been taking care of your skin for fifteen years. State-of-the-art technology and the highest quality medical cosmetics tailored to the individual needs of clients will provide the ideal solution in the tremor and care of your skin. 

Ivana Avramović

Our services

We provide a wide range of services that will help your skin to be healthier and more beautiful!

We are available

Complete care before and after treatment

In addition to treatments at SkinCare Center, our experts will provide you with the best advice on home care and long-term maintenance of satisfactory therapeutic effects.

SkniCare Center is the ideal solution for the care and health of your skin.

Our team

Prim. Dr Gorana Isailović - dermatovenerologist

She graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade in 1979. She passed the Specialist exam in dermatovenerology in 1987 at the Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade. In addition to clinical practice, he is also engaged in educational work (professor of vocational studies).

Prim. Dr Sc. MD Milan Bjekić - dermatovenerologist and scientific advisor

He works at the City Institute for Skin and Venereal Diseases as a dermatovenerologist, where he leads counseling and service for venereal diseases. In addition to clinical practice, he is engaged in scientific (scientific advisor) and educational work (professor of vocational studies).

Ivana Avramović - SKE spec. of medical skin care

She graduated from the University Of Health School of Vocational Studies in Belgrade in 2002 as a student of her generation at the department of Aesthetician-Beautician. She specializes in laser use in dermatology and medical skin care treatments.

Miljana Miloradović – professional beautician aesthetician

She graduated from the College of Health And Professional Studies in Belgrade in 2021 at the department of Aesthetician - Beautician. She specializes in cryotherapy and medical skin care treatments.

Impressions of our clients

Excellent offer of medical chemical peels, my face is reborn. Recommendation for cryo therapy - with just one treatment they removed my terrible warts.

Jana N.

Through regular visits to the SkinCare Center, I have afforded myself proper skin care followed by a professional. As a result, I now have healthy and radiant skin. My recommendation to all ladies who want nourished facial and body skin is to indulge in dedicated SCC staff.

Bojana R.

Since my first visit to SkinCare Center, I have felt cared for and safe. I got the maximum treatment at a very affordable price. That's how I got my dermatologist.

Goran D.

Professionalism, competence and individual approach to each client! A diverse range of treatments and procedures for skin recovery and care.

Irena M.

Professional medical treatments. A place where you feel safe and happy. With only three treatments, I got rid of the dilated capillaries on my face and décolleté.

Mary S.





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