eMatrix is a dimensionally small, effectually powerful bipolar radio frequency (RF) device that, through 64 diodes, transmits energy to the skin in a controlled manner, where the energy of the RF current is converted to heat, warms the tissue and produces 64 micro-damages on the surface. slightly larger than a square centimeter.



The skin reacts to the injury by regeneration, creating new collagen, and thus becomes more elastic and supple.

This “point” injury leaves the surrounding tissue intact, further accelerating the regeneration process.

eMatrix RF fractionated system combines capabilities that might otherwise be necessary to use several types of lasers: Er.Yag, Nd.Yag, CO2, Er.Glass.

Unlike laser beam, which inflicts greater damage on the surface of the skin when penetrating tissue than those in the deeper layers of the dermis, the bipolar RF current produces the opposite effect: less damage to the surface with more effective action in the deeper layers. So, less invasive, and more effective.

Fractional RF technology treats various skin changes: