Brymill is a state-of-the-art apparatus for the application of liquid nitrogen in cryo procedures with different types of applicators depending on medical indications.

Brymill cryotherapy or cryosurgery, as the term refers to the use of agents for deep cooling or freezing skin changes for the purpose of treatment and medical care.

Liquid nitrogen is most commonly used in dermatology, which performs localized destruction and elimination of unwanted skin changes. Liquid nitrogen is the most commonly used agent in the world of dermatology. Its temperature is -195.8 ° C and is the coldest cryosurgery technique. It freezes skin lesions faster, more complete and effective than other freezing agents (some carbon, nitrogen oxides, etc.). Also, it can be easily applied with high control and precision, using different applicators for individual skin changes.

Uklanjanje moluski

Our center uses a state-of-the-art Brymill appliance with various types of applicators depending on medical indications. Cryotherapy warts removal is very effective. 

Cryotherapy is used for numerous benign skin changes such as: viral warts of all shapes and localizations, sex warts (condylomas), molusca contagiosa (viral disease similar to warts caused by the virus of the same name), seborrheic warts, skin horns (cornu cutaneum), keloids. hypertrophic scars, dermatofibromas, fibroma moles, minor hemangiomas and lymphangiomas, leukoplakia, solar (actinic) keratoses, aging spots (lentigo solaris), as well as for cryopiling acne and cryo-massage procedures.

Cryotherapy of all changes is performed under the control of the dermoscope. SkinCare Center therapists have undergone training in the application of cryotherapy in nursing and are Brymill certified.