Skeyndor enzyme treatment is a medical solution for hygienic skin treatment

Skeyndor treatment breaks down dirt and deeply cleans pores

Skeyndor treatment breaks down impurities and
Deep-sealed pores

Skeyndor enzymes are not like most enzyme treatments based on plant or fruit enzymes. Herbal enzymes provide excellent results, but are contraindicated in people who have an atopic constitution.

Skeyndor enzymes, unlike plant enzymes, have a bacterial basis, so they can be safely used even when fruit enzymes are contraindicated.

Skeyndor enzyme treatment breaks down impurities and deeply cleanses pores, relieves redness and reduces irritation. The skin becomes brighter, softer and gets a healthy appearance, and it is also applied to all skin types as a basic hygienic treatment.

Its advantage over conventional hygienic treatments is that it can be applied to both the most sensitive skin and skin with dilated capillaries. The treatment does not involve the application of thermal procedures (steaming the skin with vapozone or thermal masks) that achieve pore opening, but also damage the blood vessels and connective tissue of the skin. The treatment excludes comedoexpression (mechanical cleaning -"squeezing").  Comedoexpressia results in bruises, scarring, hyperpigmentation, not to mention how painful and unpleasant the procedure is.

Enzyme treatment is extremely simple, pleasant, lasts only 30 minutes. After the treatment, your skin looks fresh without any redness and irritation. There are no unpleasant and painful traces of comedoexpressia so you can immediately return to your daily activities.

Enzyme treatment in acne therapy is administered in a series of 6 treatments once a week. Then the treatment is repeated once a month until complete cure. When enzyme treatment is done as a hygienic treatment depending on the type and condition of the skin, the treatment is usually repeated once a month or once every two months.

Enzyme treatment is not recommended immediately after microdermabrasion and laser treatments. It is necessary to wait 7-10 days, as well as on freshly depilated skin (wait 24-48 hours).

SkinCare Center therapists have undergone training for the application of Skeyndor saws in medical care and have a Skeyndor certificate.