Laser epilation is an innovative and successful method for permanently removing unwanted hair from almost all surfaces on the body. Unwanted hair is a common problem for both men and women and can often be a cause of frustration and complexity. Laser epilation ...

Do you have a problem with dilated capillaries? Laser capillary removal is the ideal solution for you. Laser capillary removal is a non-invasive method that successfully removes dilated capillaries from the face and décolleté.

Laser removal of hyperpigmentation is a method that successfully treats hyperpigmentation resulting from excessive exposure to the sun, whether it is the face or body, as well as pigmentation resulting from the use of tanning beds or some cosmetic products.

Laser acne treatment is a fast, safe and effective method that successfully treats comedogenic, papular, papulopustular and cystic acne. The etiology of acne is not fully known today.

As a result of severe forms of acne, scars remain on the skin, which are often the cause of frustration and complexity. It's still unclear why some acne leaves scars and some don't.