Medical skin care treatments

Medical face treatments are an integral part of dermatological treatment.

Medical face treatments are performed exclusively at the centers for professional medical care. They involve various procedures of hydration, bleaching, comedolysis, keratolysis, stimulation of collagen and elastic fiber synthesis and intercellular substance.

Medical facial treatments are significantly different from classic cosmetic facial treatments. Classic cosmetic facial treatments include the application of thermal procedures (mating of the skin with vapozone or thermal masks) that achieve pore opening, but also damage blood vessels and connective tissue of the skin. As part of classic cosmetic facial treatments, comedoexpression (mechanical cleansing – “squeezing”) is mandatory. Mechanical cleansing of the face results in bruises, scars, hyperpigmentation, and is an extremely uncomfortable and painful procedure. Classical cosmetic facial treatments “steaming and squeezing” have long since become a part of the past. Due to the lasting effects they leave on the skin, they are even banned in some countries. Modern lifestyles, lack of free time have set a task for experts to patent new techniques and methods for cleansing the skin, improving quality and structure – rejuvenation, which in a short time will give the skin everything it needs without irritation and pain. All this is possible today through the application of medical facial treatments.

Medical facial treatments are extremely effective and minimally uncomfortable. The treatments can be done during the break at work as they do not last longer than 30 minutes and most importantly do not irritate the skin, so after the treatment you can immediately return to your daily activities. Medical facial treatments can be applied to the most sensitive skin as well as to the skin with enlarged capillaries.

Which medical facial treatment is best for you depends on your skin type and the effect you want to achieve. The SkinCare Center team of experts will be happy to help you choose the treatment that will best suit your skin needs and with which you will get the best results.

The SkinCare Center is doing treatments with the world’s leading brands in the field of skin care.