Laser skin rejuvenation

Laser rejuvenation is a procedure that rediscover your beauty.

Laser Rejuvenation – Does your skin look even more tired and older every time you look in the mirror? Has the effect of the sun and age taken its toll? The appearance of our skin is affected not only by the natural aging process but also by all other environmental factors. Most of us, in one way or another, think about how to stop, or at least slow down, the process and its effect on the skin.

Now you can do this with eStyle Photofacial laser rejuvenation treatment.

Until recently, all known successful skin rejuvenation treatments required surgery and a long recovery period. In contrast, photofacial rejuvenation treatment is a new, sophisticated yet simple aesthetic procedure with visible evidence of skin, with minimal discomfort and minimal recovery time.
This revolutionary treatment involves a series of 5 sessions during which pulsating light is emitted to a particular part of the face or body and clearly removes signs of skin aging, blemishes, wrinkles, enlarged pores, rosacea, capillaries, redness, pigmentation and other skin imperfections. Most commonly, whole face treatment is applied to improve the overall appearance by an average of more than 75%.
Photofacial treatments result in younger, fresh and radiant skin full of life. Laser rejuvenation is a procedure that rediscover your beauty.

Each person has their own specific, different reaction, their own experience related to experiencing a treatment that lasts about thirty minutes. Most find the treatment quite enjoyable, despite the fact that a slight burning sensation is common. For those who are not comfortable with the treatment, a topical topical anesthetic is always possible. SkinCare Center has extensive experience with clients who have sensitive skin, and we always take their concerns into consideration and treat them with care, so that even the most sensitive skin is treated safely and safely. After the procedure, we may ask you to put ice in the treated area, and we will provide you with all the information about mandatory post-treatment care.

  • The only real effective treatments for capillary removal, hyperpigmentation, sunspots and blemishes, expanded pores, fine lines and wrinkles as well as relaxed skin, acne scars and post-inflammatory acne scarring
  • Considerable visible skin improvement with minimal recovery time.
  • Maximum safety and treatment success
  • The treatments are quick and easy for clients and generally speaking no anesthesia is required.
  • The entire face can be treated in just 20-30 minutes with most clients.
  • Treatments can also be safely and safely applied to the neck, chest, forearm, shoulders.

Most side effects are mild and short-lived. It can consist of a brief feeling of discomfort during the treatment itself. Redness appears immediately after treatment. For most people, it disappears no later than twenty-four hours after treatment, and in rare cases it can last up to three days. Mild swelling, bruising and post-treatment pigmentation disorders are also possible. From our experience we have noticed that they occur in less than 1% of clients with skin severely damaged by external factors and reduced connective tissue quality around blood vessels. These events usually disappear very quickly over the next 3 to 4 days.

Skin conditions in some clients may require additional treatments after an initial series of five treatments. We will guide you on how to properly nourish your skin to reduce the chance of future additional treatments.

You can have a smooth, light, youthful looking skin with less visible wrinkles, no redness, freckles, blemishes … No rejuvenation procedure has so far been able to achieve so much with so little risk and in such a short time. Photofacial treatments are ideal for active, busy clients for whom time and appearance are important. We will be happy to give you even more information about the treatment and what you can expect from the treatment during the consultation.