Face treatments

Medical facial treatments are an integral part of dermatological treatment.

Medical face treatments are performed exclusively at the centers for professional medical care. They involve various procedures of hydration, bleaching, comedolysis, keratolysis, stimulation of collagen and elastic fiber synthesis and intercellular substance.

Founded in 1988, the company is selling products in over 70 countries worldwide. Since 2007, NeoStrata products are also available in pharmacies in our country. The American company NeoStrata was founded by Dr. Eugene Van Scott and dermatopharmacologist Ruey Yu, renowned dermatology researchers, responsible for numerous patents, scientific papers and research with the primary goal of supporting the process of creating new, young skin, a new corneal stratum.

SkinCeuticals products consist of high concentrations of pure, pharmaceutically grade ingredients, combined with natural plant extracts, and are designed for optimal absorption in the skin and designed to stop and correct the signs of natural skin aging and skin aging caused by environmental influences.

Mediderma peels are recognized for their effectiveness in dealing with almost all skin problems, regardless of skin type, gender or age. Continuous training, clinical trials and studies, as well as collaboration with world-leading experts are the reason why Mediderma products are used and recommended by the best experts in the field of dermatology and cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Murad Enzyme Treatment – Exfoliant fruit enzymes of pineapple and papaya along with antiseptics, antioxidants and anti-inflammators remove extinct surface cells and dilate pores. This helps deep skin cleansing, resulting in a skin that is supple, soft and healthy, and acne is reduced without irritation and redness.

Skeyndor enzyme treatment is the medical solution for hygienic skin treatment. Skeyndor enzymes are not like most enzyme treatments based on plant and fruit enzymes. Plant enzymes provide excellent results but are contraindicated in individuals with atopic constitution.