Dermoscopy of moles

Dermoscopy of moles or dermatoscopy is a simple, non-invasive diagnostic tool for the identification of a number of skin lesions.

Dermoscopy of moles – Dermoscopy is possible to set up a more reliable diagnosis of pigmented lesions of the skin, especially to distinguish melanoma from other benign pigmented lesions. The clinical reliability of diagnosing melanoma with the naked eye was estimated at 65%, and a dermoscopic examination improved this reliability by 5-30%.

Also, this method allows early detection of other skin tumors, and has recently been used in the diagnosis of other dermatoses.

It does not replace the clinical examination, but it is a great help in diagnosing and evaluating pigment changes.

Dermoscopy of moles are very easily performed. There are different types of dermoscopes, the change is practically enlarged and illuminated with that apparatus. The resulting image can be stored on a computer and compared with an earlier dermoscopic image after a certain amount of time. Given the increasing incidence of skin tumors, it is advised that patients report to their dermatologist at least once a year and have their young people examined by a dermoscopic examination.

Dermoscopy requires quality equipment, as well as the training and experience of the dermoscopic examiner.

DL1-Iphone-4At SkinCare Center, dermoscopy is performed with the latest DL1 Iphone4 DermLite dermoscope. The SkinCare Center team of experts has passed all four levels of training in dermoscopy (Argenziano, Zalaudek) and has years of experience in dermoscopy, teledermatology and mobile teledermatology.