Condylomas removal

Condyloma Removal – Condylomas are warty outgrowths in the anogenital region of viral origin and are also known as sex warts. Sexually transmitted diseases affect both women and men, with changes being more noticeable in women, while men are often just transmissions.

The incubation period of the condyloma is very stretchy and ranges from seven days to as much as a year and a half. This means that sometimes it can take up to a year and a half between risky sex and getting an infection.

The condylomas are removed by radio waves or laser, with local anesthesia being mandatory because the therapy is very painful.

Condyloma removal by cryotherapy is generally singled out as the method of choice because it is fast, painless, effective and financially advantageous.

Cryotherapy removal with cryotherapy generally requires only one intervention. Given the incubation period, new changes may occur and therapy should be repeated. Regularly removing any new changes over time will result in healing.

The application of a state-of-the-art Brymill apparatus with different types of applicators enables liquid nitrogen to be applied with high control and precision without damaging the surrounding healthy skin.

SkinCare Center therapists have undergone training in the application of cryotherapy in nursing and are Brymill certified.